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Nice to make your acquaintance!

Thank you for coming to my website. Nice to make your acquaintance!

My name is Menno. My passion is to create something beautiful from nothing and build for the growth of this project. I think I got this from my father who was active in construction. The Internet is a great tool for building a successful project from scratch. You can reach a large audience in a short time. Because of this, I chose to become an e-commerce developer and marketer. E-commerce includes all activities to successfully sell products online.

I enjoy helping people. I must have gotten this from my mother, who is in healthcare. I help my clients sell their products to an online audience. I do this with personal guidance on technical development and marketing, as well as with proprietary software and courses

I believe that the best consultants should also go through the experiences of clients. I am an entrepreneur in the company LifeGroup which includes two international e-commerce companies, LifeDeals and LifeJobs.

My personal goals and vision

Personal goals and vision

My personal goals are to be able to do what I love most and what I do best. In a pleasant environment. With people I can transfer my energy to and who I myself am energized by.

Personally, I think my strength lies in my accessibility and my combined knowledge of technology, marketing, sales, finance and numerical understanding.

My view is that you have a great life if you do what you love most. That you are in an environment that suits you with fun, energetic and inspiring people. That as a person and an entrepreneur, you can do what you do best. And earn a fat living in the process. That you have the drive to learn, to be inspired and to build valuable relationships. That you think about your health by exercising, eating healthy and not having too much (work) stress. That you can be yourself and live with inner peace.

How I became an internet entrepreneur

How I became an Internet entrepreneur?

In my younger years, I was always a maker. A builder. I was always working with materials to create something beautiful from nothing. Gave me some boards, some nails and a hammer.

The Internet was still in its infancy. I had one of the first phones with a color screen. Even though there were few gadgets as you know them today, I got tremendous inspiration from technology. I was sure I wanted more with it later.

After high school, I entered the college of Communication & Multimedia Design. I had also just started my internet business. Work for clients I could tick off at school for points ;).

After graduating in 2010, I combined my own business with work at various internet companies in Friesland. Still, the idea of moving forward completely independently always niggled and I felt there was more to it.

My Internet company Lives Internet & Marketing was getting more and more clients which allowed me to continue full-time. I soon found that I wanted not only to work for clients, but also to develop more of my inspiration into full-fledged businesses myself. I also wanted to trade less of my time for money. I wanted to trade more value and tools for money. So that I could have more freedom myself to have a free lifestyle and be able to undertake.

From this vision and the common needs of my clients, I have therefore developed several online software, including SocialMedia4You, Buddify and LocalTraffic. These tools help my clients on a monthly basis and also generate revenue on a monthly basis. I also created 3 online courses that help clients in the field of online marketing. The tools and training made it possible to live and do business freely.

Managing gives me less satisfaction than entrepreneurship. I like to be entrepreneurial and as a result, after building a concept, I often look for a “product-owner” who wants to continue building together. Sometimes it seems like I am doing 10 things at once, but there is a small tight-knit team behind most projects in my office in Bolsward.

Through LifeGroup, I still participate in a small number of start-ups from my old education.

A piece about you

A piece about you, my ideal client

When I started my business, I took on any job. I was a beginner and every guilder was one. It was an incredibly cool time. I enjoy developing myself and, as a result, I increasingly sought out clients that gave me more of a challenge.

I now work for e-commerce entrepreneurs who have been in business for at least 2 years and also for several multi-million dollar companies. I find that I can share my knowledge and experience much better with this group of entrepreneurs. There are more opportunities to use my expertise.

I always work very transparently and also ask my clients to be more transparent. I’d like to know numbers so we can manage it together. A collaboration on good faith.

Many of my clients see me as their right-hand man with whom they share things about their personal and business lives.

My personal life

My personal life

I find it very important to learn and discover new things every day. Enriching my life. With new people, techniques, insights and inspiration. I also enjoy enriching the lives of others. Sharing knowledge and having good conversations is something I do regularly as a result. I like to blog in my knowledge base to gain new knowledge myself and to inspire readers. And it brings in new customers ;). I have now been in a relationship with my girlfriend Marcy for 10 years. We live together in the small town of Bolsward (near Leeuwarden). Every week I can be found as a soccer player at SC Bolsward. On September 17, 2019, we had a baby daughter named Nova Joy. Enough about myself, I’m curious about your story.

Are you interested in working together?

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