Webshop logistics and fulfilment

Need webshop logistics and fulfilment? On this page you can read numerous tips to improve your webshop logistics.

Processing orders with a webshop

As soon as your webshop is up and you start marketing, the first orders will roll in. But how are you going to tackle this? How does this process work? Processing orders with a webshop has everything to do with certain order statuses. These statuses determine the communication to the customer and any automated processes.

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be distinctive with your webshop

Order picking with a webshop

Many e-commerce companies started in an attic room or garage. Even Amazon.com started in a small room. The funny thing is that processes within a webshop are often the same except that the scale is different. From a few racks in the garage you can transform into a completely automated warehouse.

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Processing returns webshop

Unfortunately, 100% of your customers are never satisfied with your order. You will almost certainly get returns. Or you have to sell digital products. There are plenty of reasons why you get a product back. It doesn’t fit, it’s not to taste, wrong color, damaged… The trick is to set up your business processes in such a way that you do not fill that warehouse.

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Automating webshop logistics

One of the most important things in e-commerce is to automate logistics as much as possible. Especially if you have larger order volumes, it can quickly become chaos if you do not apply automation. Automating webshop logistics saves a lot of time and makes your order processes virtually error-free.

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Using WMS for your webshop

If you seriously receive a lot of orders and returns, you can choose to use a Warehouse Management System for your webshop. With a WMS you can automate more processes and thus increase the efficiency within your company.

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Costs letterbox package

If you send a lot of small packages, it is advisable to take a closer look at the costs of a letterbox package. Many companies offer the possibility to contact us so that the costs of a letterbox package are lower.

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Costs packages webshop

If you send larger packages that do not fit through a letterbox, you will enter the packages service. Here too, if you send larger volumes, you can maintain special contracts with your carriers. This can make a big difference in your transport costs on a monthly basis. Especially if you receive a lot of returns, such as with clothing, it can even determine whether or not your business becomes profitable.

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Webshop logistics

Compare parcel services / carriers

Comparing parcel services is interesting if you are looking for the most advantageous carrier. If you send 1000 packages per month and can save € 1 per package, that is still € 12,000 per year saved.

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Outsourcing webshop logistics with fulfillment

If the orders are overlooking you, which can happen very quickly, you can choose to store your stock with an external partner who also handles the shipments and returns for you. This is also called fulfillment. This way you get much less stress and you can focus more on marketing and sales.

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