E-Commerce is booming, a physical store is no longer possible without a online store. On this page you will find practical information about starting a webshop, webshop software and more.

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Starting a online store? Start with e-commerce!

Webshop beginnen? Goed idee! Steeds meer ondernemers hebben het plan om een webshop te beginnen. Met een goede e-commerce strategie bereik je meer mensen en krijg je meer omzet. De uitdaging is om een succesvolle winstgevende webshop te bouwen.

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E-commerce software

Creating a simple online store is quite easy. There are numerous e-commerce software packages that allow you to get started easily. Examples include Magento, Woocommerce, Lightspeed and Shopify.

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Webshop marketing for successful e-commerce

Building a webshop is one thing, but selling products profitably is another. A successful e-commerce strategy is recognized by profitable marketing. However, if you don’t make a profit, you are just pushing boxes.

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Purchase webshop stock

If you plan to stock a product, you must do your own online shopping. By building up your own stock you can deliver faster and get higher customer satisfaction.

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Online store logistics and fulfillment

Running an online store involves logistical processes. For example, you have to send packages and process returns. You can also opt for a dropshipping model where your supplier ships directly to the end customer and sometimes even accepts returns.

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Webshop payments for profitable e-commerce

If you receive payments in your webshop, it is important that this is done safely and securely. And that the money ends up in your business account. E-commerce is most fun when it makes a profit. In the next article I will teach you everything about webshop payments and payment providers.

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Webshop hosting

Hosting is one of the most important parts of running an online store. Hosting makes it possible for your webshop to have a place on the internet and for people to place orders online. Fast hosting ensures a fast webshop and more orders. An example is my own webshop https://www.lifedeals.com, you can see that the shop loads very quickly.

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