Buy webshop products from a supplier or wholesaler

Buy webshop products? If you start with a webshop, you can choose to buy products yourself. Own stock ensures a fast delivery time and more profit margin because you can buy more at the same time from your supplier. In addition to building your own stock, you can opt for dropshipping. This is necessarily necessary with Aliexpress products but can also be done with a local wholesaler from your region.

Choosing products before you start buying webshop products

But which products are you going to choose for your webshop. Do you opt for low prices and mass sales or higher prices and less sales. With lower prices, you reach more people because more people have the budget to purchase your product. With higher prices, you need fewer customers for the same revenue, but your reach is smaller because fewer people can buy your product.

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Where do I buy webshop products?

You can buy products from different parties. For example, you have various wholesalers and suppliers that you can find at purchasing fairs, both online and offline. In addition, you can choose to buy from a supplier from abroad that are cheaper because of the lower wages. For example, you can buy products in bulk via Alibaba.

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Buy webshop products

Buying products from a wholesaler

You can buy products from a wholesaler by contacting a physical wholesaler or online wholesaler such as Alibaba.

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Webshop products buy in China

Buying products in China can be very interesting because of the low purchasing costs. This is because in China wages and other costs are much lower. However, you do have to take into account the high transport costs at the moment.

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If you do not need your own stock, you can opt for (branded) dropshipping. With dropshipping, your supplier sends your orders directly to the end customer. The advantage is that you have less risk yourself and do not have to make a stock investment.

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