Webshop payments

If you have a webshop, payments from customers and yourself are the order of the day. On the one hand you receive payments from your customers, on the other hand you pay customers back with a refund and you invest in the purchase of your stock.

Receiving webshop payments

You need all kinds of payment methods to receive payments from your customers. iDEAL is of course very popular in the Netherlands, but every country has its own popular payment methods. That is why it is advisable to work with a payment provider. Examples include Mollie, Pay.nl, Buckaroo and more.

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Customer Lifetime Value CLV

Offering refunds

A customer may want to return a product for many reasons. Of course you have the customer’s money in your pocket and your customer wants it back. For this you need to make a so-called ‘refund’. Nowadays, more and more plugins from payment providers have a refund function. This allows you to make a (partial) payment back to the customer with 1 push of a button.

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Compare payment providers / payment providers

Payment providers are now growing like mushrooms. Nevertheless, you will discover that the costs are not far apart. Especially if you do larger volumes, you can make interesting agreements. It is more interesting to see if the provider has good integrations available for your webshop platform.

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Have webshop payments paid in installments

An interesting development in e-commerce land is to have webshop payments paid in parts. For example, someone wants to buy a device for € 900, but has no budget at the moment. However, the customer is able to pay 3 times € 300. In this way, the visitor still converts to a customer. Paying in parts is therefore a conversion-enhancing action. There is little risk for the entrepreneur because the parties that offer spread payments are insured against defaulters.

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Online store payments