Webshop branding, building a strong e-commerce brand

Good branding is crucial for building the success of your webshop.

What is branding? What is the meaning of webshop branding?

webshop branding

Branding is the all-encompassing term to create an identity with which you can distinguish your company. You can think of a:

  • problem / solution
  • target audience
  • Brand
  • logo
  • slogan
  • usps, unique selling points
  • vision and mission
  • Corporate identity
  • own products
  • registration of your trademark
  • own packaging

Problem and solution of your brand

A good brand solves a question from a target group. Before you start a brand, you should first do research into which major problems play a role in the market where you want to enter. Based on the problems of the target groups in this market, you can develop a solution and launch it through a brand. This way you can be sure that there is demand and that you are going to sell your solution.

Target your brand

Once you have found 1 or more problems in your market, you can look at which people in this market need the solution the most. Are these men or women, children, the elderly? Do they live in certain countries or territories? There are many factors with which you can define your target group:

  • gender
  • age
  • Interests
  • family situation

For my brand https://www.vindress.com , my target group is ‘married women aged 24-55 with an interest in well-known wedding dress brands’.

Come up with a brand name for your webshop branding

Branding stands or falls with a good brand name. A brand name makes it easier for people to talk about you. What better way is ‘I have shoes from bestevoetbalschoenen.nl’ or ‘I have Nike football boots’? The last one. This is because the brand is first of all much shorter and easier to pronounce. In addition, it is much easier to remember.

A good brand name is often recognized by a short name with 1 to 2 syllables, such as Nike, Apple, Google, etc. It is advisable to register your trademark with a trademark agency.

Logo design for your webshop branding

A logo is the most common way to express your brand to your target group. A logo ensures that people recognize your brand and get an idea of the look & feel. A logo can be very simple as long as it is clear and recognizable.

Come up with a slogan for your webshop brand

Part of your brand is the slogan. In a slogan or slogan you tell in a few words what your brand does. Preferably in 1-4 words.

Coming up with a vision and mission for your webshop branding

If your brand has a strong vision and mission, people can identify with it and become ambassadors of your brand faster. Sustainability is a more important topic, so it is smart to include this in this.

USPs / unique selling points of your brand

If you want to be distinctive with your brand, it is good to think about the following question:

  • Why would I want to buy from you and not from the competitor?

What selling points do you have to get people to come to you?

Designing a corporate identity for your e-commerce brand

webshop branding

A corporate identity is super important for your e-commerce brand. With a corporate identity you give your brand a unique authentic look that is not easy to copy by others. You can get a distinctive character with a good corporate identity.

In the logo above you will see clear colors, a brand name and a slogan.

Develop your own products for your brand

If you have your own brand, it is wise to also release your own products. You can do this by developing products yourself or working on so-called ‘branded dropshipping’. In the latter case, your supplier creates a product line for your brand and sends it directly to your end customer.

You can also request your own EAN codes for your own products from parties such as GS1. You also get unique mentions on platforms such as Bol.com and Amazon.com and do not get competitors who dive below your price.

Register trademark with BIOP or EUIPO

If you are planning to build a brand, it is wise to record it in a trademark office. If you plan to stay in the Benelux with your trademark, you can register it with BIOP. If you want European coverage with your brand, you can start at EUIPO.