Webshop marketing

Webshop marketing is crucial to get more orders and sales. You may have developed a nice webshop, but if no orders roll in, your company will stand still. On this page I have written out various tips for you regarding webshop marketing.

How do you set up a successful webshop?

Online store marketing

Every online entrepreneur wants a successful webshop or website (or app). But how do you set up a successful webshop? It all starts with your own definition of success. For one entrepreneur, that’s 5,000 net monthly and the freedom to be with his or her own family and live a stress-free life. Other entrepreneurs have the ambition to go sky high and become the Jeff Bezos in their market. In most cases, this results in less time for private matters and more stress because you really have to build a team and incur more costs.

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Using webshop marketing for visitors to my webshop

The first way to increase the success of your webshop is to get more visitors to your website. You can do this by working on an organic and paid strategy. Organic means that you do not pay directly for a click on, for example, Facebook or Google, but work on, for example, a search engine strategy or by getting more followers on social media. This requires a longer breath, but gives more return in the longer term.

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Online store marketing

Increase order value of my webshop

The second way to have more success with your webshop is to increase the average order value. By offering products of not 50 but 100 euros, the turnover doubles. You can also try to ensure that customers order related products. Not only a knife, but also a spoon and a fork and a plate and a cup.

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Increase conversion as part of webshop marketing

Increasing conversion means that you convert a higher percentage of visitors to customers. Suppose you have 100 visitors per day and 1 becomes a customer, then you have 1% conversion. By giving visitors more confidence, the conversion can easily become 2% or higher. In this example, that would already mean a doubling of the turnover. Just think about it when it gets to 3-8%…

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Increase customer retention of my webshop

The fourth way to get more revenue from your webshop is to increase customer retention. This means that you are trying to ensure that existing customers come back more often. You can do this by using e-mails, a savings program and binding on social media platforms. An existing customer is much easier to persuade for a new order than a new customer. If a customer buys from you not 1 time but 2 times a year, this has a huge impact on your company.

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Increase profit margin of my webshop

Ultimately, as an entrepreneur, you want to earn a big living from your webshop. However, the truth is that only 10-15% of all webshop entrepreneurs make a profit. You would like to belong to this select group. Increasing the profit margin can be done, among other things, to work on the conversion and customer retention of your webshop. By increasing the conversion, you get more customers out of the costs you incur for acquisition. The customer retention ensures that the same customer comes back more often while the costs do not increase proportionally.

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Cheap webshop quality mark

One way to get a higher conversion in your webshop is to use a webshop quality mark. A quality mark radiates confidence to your visitors. They know with a quality mark that your webshop is safe to order.

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