Cheap webshop quality mark

Need a cheap webshop quality mark? One way to increase the conversion of your webshop is to show a quality mark that is recognizable in your market. A quality mark helps you to make your webshop better because you have to meet certain requirements and also gives confidence to your visitors to buy.

Supported elements in addition to a cheap webshop quality mark

Cheap webshop quality mark

In addition to using a cheap webshop quality mark, there are plenty of quick ways to give your visitor more confidence:

  • photos of your employees
  • a telephone number
  • a live chat
  • well-known brand logos
  • well-known payment logos
  • Reviews
  • social media

The great thing is that these elements are very easy to implement. You don’t need any technical knowledge to upload a team photo or post a phone number. You can also increase conversion from the tips on this page.

Cheap webshop quality mark to save costs

You have had a professional webshop made and you have now started online marketing to get sales. Investments have risen considerably and investments are still on the horizon. To save costs as a start-up webshop, you can therefore opt for a cheap webshop quality mark.

On this page I will discuss the various quality marks that are available for the Dutch and Belgian market. The data is regularly updated.

What function does a webshop quality mark have?

A webshop quality mark has been created for the following reasons:

  1. increase the quality of webshops. Participants often have to meet requirements to receive a quality mark.
  2. offer trust to visitors. A quality mark is only released to trusted webshops. In addition, a quality mark often also gives reviews and star ratings to give more confidence to visitors.
  3. consumer support. In case of disputes, a quality mark can be used to mediate between the webshop and the customer.

Why a cheap webshop quality mark?

Cheap webshop quality mark

If you look at the above 3 points, a quality mark improves the overall shopping experience of your webshop. People trust your webshop more and buy faster.

Because wearing a quality mark usually entails requirements, your webshop will come out much better. It ensures that the small details that you overlook as a busy entrepreneur also get done.

Which webshop quality marks are there?

There are now dozens of cheap webshop quality marks available. In addition, there are also more expensive variants that offer more options for established webshops.

FoundedClienteleReviewsMediationRegistration feeAnnual CertificationContribution
Qshops20041000+YesYes75 eurosNo288 euros
Thuiswinkel Waarborg20012000+YesYesNo390 euros150 euros
Trusted Shops19991000+YesYesNoNo1428 euros
Webshop quality mark20015000+YesYesNoNo195 euros
Webshop Keur20107000+YesYesNoNo107,40

Thuiswinkel Waarborg

This is certainly not a cheap webshop quality mark is therefore also more suitable for larger webshops, such as Wehkamp, Coolblue and

Qshops quality mark

Qshops is one of the cheaper quality marks to carry. If you become a member, you can also use customer reviews and payment solutions for free. +/- 800 webshops are affiliated with Qshops. As far as we are concerned, this is definitely worth considering if you are just starting out with a web store. Even if you have several shops under your management, you can use Qshops cheaply.

Costs subscription Qshops:

  • € 24,- per month for Plus – 5 webshops, 1000 review invitations
  • € 48,- per month for Pro – 10 webshops, 3000 review invitations
  • € 89,- per month for Premium – 15 webshops, 6000 review invitations

Trusted Shops Quality Mark

For whom? Medium and large webshops (also international)

Trusted Shops will probably also recognize you by the logo. It is a quality mark to which +/- 700 webshops are affiliated in the Netherlands. Internationally, there are a lot more. This makes it an interesting choice for webshops that operate internationally.

Costs membership Trusted Shops:

  • € 119,- per month for Start – for webshops with a turnover of up to € 100.000,- per year
  • € 209,- per month for Pro – for webshops with a turnover of up to € 500.000,- per year
  • € 279.- per month for Premium – for webshops with a turnover of up to € 1.000.000,- per year
  • For webshops with a turnover of more than € 1,000,000 online turnover, a customized package is available

Webshop Quality Mark

For whom? Starters, small and medium-sized webshops (also internationally)

Webshop Keurmerk is a veteran in the Netherlands who nowadays has also spread its wings abroad under the quality mark: Webshop Trustmark. With +/- 5000 affiliated webshops in the Netherlands and 6900 worldwide, it is a widely seen quality mark. There are many free benefits associated with the Webshop Quality Mark at a pretty low cost. You can think of free customer reviews from Kiyoh, free legal advice and a disputes committee.

Costs Webshop Quality Mark:

  • € 195,- per year excl. VAT

Webwinkelkeur Keurmerk

For whom? Starters, small and medium-sized webshops (also internationally)

WebwinkelKeur has existed since 2010 and now has around 9000 affiliated webshops. It is a freshly set up quality mark with a neat site and a complete review system. The low price makes this quality mark certainly worth considering.

Costs membership Webwinkelkeur:

  • € 8,95 per month for Start – 5 shops, 15 review invitations per month
  • € 12,95 per month for Plus – Extensive review system, 1000 review invitations per month
  • € 19,95 per month for Pro – International quality mark, 3000 review invitations per month

If you are a starter, this cheap webshop quality mark is definitely recommended!

Choosing a well-known webshop quality mark

Choosing a well-known webshop quality mark means that you radiate more confidence to your visitors. If you are in doubt, you can also first do a test with a cheap webshop quality mark and do this for example for 1 year.

Find out if it makes a crucial contribution to your company’s revenue!