Webshop hosting

Webshop hosting is crucial for a successful webshop. A successful webshop is often visited and used intensively. A lot of data goes through a server and everything has to be served to visitors as quickly as possible.

The impact of speed on your webshop turnover

The impact of speed on the turnover of a webshop is enormous. If a visitor has to wait 5 seconds after every click, you really do not have to expect any turnover. People are in a hurry online. Everything has to be fast fast. Investing in fast web hosting for your webshop is therefore also a strong conversion-increasing action.

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Webshop speed optimization tips

Optimizing the speed of your webshop drastically increases the number of conversions. For example, an investment of several hundred euros per month can achieve a turnover increase of thousands of euros.

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Shared hosting vs Dedicated hosting

If you want a fast webshop, it is advisable to use so-called ‘dedicated hosting’ or a ‘virtual private server’. The webshop is on an isolated server and does not experience any inconvenience from other webshops that are installed on the same server. In contrast to cheap ‘shared hosting’, there are several webshops on the same server, so that one webshop can take the rest offline due to peak load.

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Compare webshop hosting providers

But how do you choose the right webshop hosting? How can you find the right webshop hosting provider? I have put down a comparison for you in which various hosting parties are examined.

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