Costs for sending packages webshop

Need costs for sending packages webshop? If you mainly send larger products, it is possible to do this with a package. With a package you can send large and / or heavy objects to home and abroad. However, this increases the shipping costs in contrast to a letterbox package. With the receipt of a package, the customer no longer has to be at home himself but it can also be sent to a pickup point or simply at the neighbors.

Suitable products for a package

Costs for sending packages webshop

There are plenty of products suitable for shipping via a package:

  • Boxes
  • chairs
  • Tables
  • gadgets
  • decorative cushions
  • with my webshop I pack larger interior products in packages

Have your package delivered in 6 steps:

  1. Buy boxes that meet the maximum and minimum size, such as a cardboard box
  2. Create a shipping label through the postal company’s shipping service. This allows you to pay the costs of a package depending on the weight and the delivery address
  3. Print out the label and stick it on the package.
  4. Drop off your package at a Pickup parcelshop. You can also have packages picked up with sufficient volume.
  5. Follow the package via Track & Trace.
  6. The package is delivered to the pickup point or to the customer or to the neighbors.

Costs for sending packages webshop: How heavy and large can a package be?

Costs for sending packages webshop

Large or long package versturen via popular carriers

DHL ParcelStandard100 cm50 cm35 cm20 kg
DHL Big120 cm80 cm80 cm70 kg
DHLPallet120 cm100 cm200 cm
DPDStandard175 cm31.5 kg300 cm
FedExStandard274 cm68 kg330 cm
GlsBusiness / Express200 cm80 cm60 cm32 kg
GlsPalette240 cm100 cm200 cm
PostNLSmall100 cm50 cm50 cm < 10 kg
PostNLLarge176 cm78 cm58 cm10-31.5 kg
UPSStandard100 cm76 cm

How high are the costs of sending a package?

Each carrier uses its own costs for the transport of a package. Below is an overview of the most popular carriers:

CarrierTypeAddressZone0-2 kg2-5 kg5-10 kg10-20 kgT&T
StandardAt home1US€6.25US€6.25US€6.25US€10.25
DHL StandardUS€3.95
Overview to be supplemented…

The lowest costs for sending packages webshop

Researching the best carrier and lowest cost of a package certainly pays off if you send large numbers of packages. Also, ask about the graduated prices of carriers to get lower rates.

Working with a fulfillment party for more competitive rates

You can also reduce the cost of a package by working with a fulfillment party. They send larger volumes and can therefore purchase more sharply from carriers.