E-commerce software platforms

Webshop software is crucial for rolling out a successful e-commerce strategy. There are dozens of webshop software packages available. On this page I want to show you around and guide you to making the right choice.

Webshop software

Compare webshop software

Do you want to compare webshop software? Then I have made a nice overview for you. Webshop software differs on numerous factors such as features, price, scalability and more. Every company has different wishes and that is why it is always advisable to work together with an e-commerce specialist to come to the ideal e-commerce toolset.

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The best webshop software

I regularly get the question from customers what the best webshop software is. The best webshop software is the software that matches the wishes and future plans of your company. You see that the possibilities of popular software are getting closer and closer together. Often good software is equipped with possibilities to link with other parties, such as an accounting program or social media tool. This way you can switch more easily, if it is not to your liking.

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Free webshop software

On the e-commerce market you can find numerous free webshop software packages. You can think of popular platforms such as Woocommerce. Often you see that this webshop software works fine as long as you do not have specific wishes. Every company has a different package of wishes and therefore you quickly end up with a plugin or customization. Free webshop software in the longer term therefore does not actually exist.

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Webshop software

Buy webshop software

If you want to buy webshop software, you will soon end up with a license model. Most webshop software is not really for sale, but you pay more for its use. The most well-known software has so-called 'open-source' code which means that it is available to everyone. Often you pay an agency for designing and implementing the design in existing webshop software such as Woocommerce and Magento.

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