Free webshop software

Buying free webshop software is an ideal way to create more sales with your company. With good webshop software you can create a professional online store that has much more reach than your local store.

What is free webshop software?

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Free webshop software helps you to set up a basic webshop. If you are going to buy webshop software, it is good to pay attention to the following factors:

  • basic possibilities
  • expand by means of extensions, modules, plugins
  • integration with existing software for things like accounting
  • programming language; many are built in PHP
  • user-friendliness for administrators

You can buy free webshop software with an eye on the future. Many webshop platforms are now ‘open-source’, which means that it is available to everyone for free. That’s not to say there aren’t costs. You can install the software, but will quickly be overwhelmed by its capabilities. Soon you want to knock on the door of a webshop builder. A specialist can help you install the software and implement your design and features needs. You do not put away a webshop after a year, it is often a project for the longer term. You don’t want to start over and over again but build a valuable asset for your company.

Where can I get free webshop software?

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You always buy a webshop in a closed or open license. You buy the source code programmed by your developer. Many systems have an open-source license. This software is free but the implementation takes the most time. Most companies want a design that matches the existing corporate identity and customization to connect to the existing platforms.

In addition, there are companies that develop customized webshop software. With them you often take a paid license to use the software.

Free webshop software platforms include Magento, Woocommerce and Spree Commerce. My webshop runs on Woocommerce with a custom made design. So you can use an existing platform in combination with your own design. With open-source platforms you have more freedom and ownership than with systems that you lease such as Lightspeed or Shopify. Most companies work together with an e-commerce specialist like myself to put together a set of e-commerce tools and thus create a successful project.

If you get started with a webshop yourself, you will soon notice that the design is just not there or that you do not get certain functions installed. If you work with a specialist, you will quickly notice that the design will look more familiar and that more visitors will convert to customers.

How can I get free webshop software?

You can buy webshop software by downloading or ordering the software via the website of the relevant platform. You then install the software on the hosting server you need. From there, the installation takes place in the internet browser. You then have a platform that runs entirely in the cloud, you do not need your own indoor server. This is also safer against fire or other accidents.

As soon as the webshop is up and running, you can make a design yourself or have a custom design built by a (freelance) webshop builder.

Outsource webshop software

freelance e-commerce manager

If buying free webshop software is beyond you and you prefer to work on the creative and sales side of your company, you can choose to fully outsource the construction of your webshop.