Online store development

Outsource the building of a successful webshop.

Always dreamed of a professional webshop that gives you a nice turnover every month? I develop professional webshops that translate visitors into returning customers.
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Become easy to find, get more requests and increase your turnover

Do you have an existing website or webshop? Or do you want a new webshop and do you want to make a good profit with it? Become visible and get more customers? I help entrepreneurs of medium and large companies build professional, profitable webshops.

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Guaranteed and measurable growth online

As an entrepreneur you get direct insight into the statistics. You see how much the investments are and how much the return is. My method is based on numbers. 80% rational, 20% emotional. This means that I do not focus on bad luck or luck, but on concrete figures and measurable growth.

On the basis of a no-obligation intake interview of about 15 minutes, we will get acquainted and see if there is a match. I prefer to work with solo entrepreneurs who make more than € 100,000 in turnover per year and medium-sized companies with 5 to 100 employees.

I enjoy working in a professional atmosphere, with a lot of humor and earning good money together. Do you also like this?

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Woocommerce, Magento and Spree Commerce

I build a webshop with the platform Woocommerce, Magento or Spree Commerce. The choice of system is determined in the Growth Chat and depends on the requirements and preconditions.

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Customer experiences

Ronald Bloemhof
We can heartily recommend Menno to everyone (not all at the same time, of course, he also has to spare some time for us).Ronald Bloemhof,
Els van Woensel
With refreshing enthusiasm and good ideas he has created a beautiful site. In addition, Menno regularly provides advice. Short lines, quick contact.Els van Woensel,
Alex van Ginneken
It is a pleasure to work with Menno. He works quickly and has the necessary knowledge in the field of WordPress.Alex van Ginneken, Online Business Coach


At E-commerce Marketing I prefer to work with clients who want to make a big impact in their market and want a good return on investment in online marketing and internet technology.

Results you will get

An easily findable website or webshop that knows how to convert visitors into customers. Customers who spend above average and often come back.

You can have such a beautiful website or webshop, but if you can't be found then no one will come and take a look and buy products. I can greatly improve the findability of your company on the internet, via:

  • Search engine optimalization
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords

You gain insight into the statistics.

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How does it work?

1. Growth Chat

Nice to meet you. In a no-obligation Growth Interview, we discover whether we are a match. Call for 30-60 minutes. Getting acquainted, discussing your wishes, choosing the right products, budgeting the investments. With a good click, a quotation is drawn up. After approval of the offer, a zero measurement is performed.

2. Offer agreed, zero measurement

A quotation is drawn up containing the requirements and preconditions, planning and investments. If approved, it can be signed digitally. This is followed by a down payment of 50% and then the construction of the project will start. After technical delivery, the remaining 50% will be invoiced.

3. Start work

After approval of the quotation, the work will start. This can be the construction of a website or webshop, but also starting an online marketing process to make more profit through online channels. A project management tool is used during the collaboration.

4. Evaluation of the project

For large projects, the SCRUM method is used, with sprints of 2 weeks being drawn. After each sprint, it is evaluated whether the results match the predetermined requirements. Any additional wishes are developed in an additional work process.

5. Ecommerce Marketing (Optional)

After delivery of the webshop, an online business coaching process can be started. The purpose of these processes is often to get more visitors and customers in order to make more profit. Services include SEO, Social media, SEA, Affiliate marketing and more.

6. Technical maintenance (optional)

What you don't want is for your website to go down or get hacked. That is why we often work with a service agreement for technical maintenance. Various virus scanners are installed and the web application is updated monthly.

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Having a webshop built is always custom work. Every customer has different wishes.

In addition to building, the configuration of the webshop system also differs in complexity. As a result, the investment in building is always tailor-made. For example, do you want international? Do you have a few or thousands of products? Is a link to an external platform required? There are many questions that are answered during a Growth Interview. The webshops that I develop vary from € 3,500 to € 15,000 excluding VAT. A medium-sized company has an average of € 5,000 to € 7,500. In terms of turnover, my customers are between € 250,000 and € 5,000,000 excl. VAT turnover per year, depending on the marketing and consulting efforts. I always provide a webshop with a unique custom-made design that seamlessly matches the corporate identity of your company.

In addition to building a webshop, you can hire me for E-commerce Consulting. I develop campaigns to promote sales.

For me, an E-commerce development always starts with a growth conversation. Together we discuss the wishes and ambitions to arrive at the necessary investment.

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