Frequently sold webshop products and popular categories to sell via the internet

Every entrepreneur who wants to start with a webshop wonders: ‘what are many sold webshop products?’. Of course, you prefer to start a webshop with products that sell well. But what kind of products sell well? How are you going to choose products? With millions of different products, it is difficult to find successful products or to make them yourself. Every market has products that run well, also called bestsellers. But bestseller categories are also often saturated. How do you distinguish your products from those of the competitors?

On this page you will find a list of the most sold products based on the following criteria:

  • bestseller statistics from major platforms such as Amazon and
  • clear demand in the market
  • good price/quality ratio
  • concrete target group
  • suitable for sale via internet
  • competition on platforms

Of course, within each category in the market there is a certain number of sold webshop products that are in high demand. Let’s explore some categories.

Consumer electronics and related cross-sell accessories, the number 1 of widely sold webshop products

Frequently sold webshop products

This category is among the highest in the bestseller lists. There is a high demand for affordable consumer electronics. Because this is also the most innovative category, it is easier to distinguish yourself with your product and service. However, it is also a very competitive and saturated market because everyone wants to get a piece of the pie.

Commonly sold products in this category are:

  • smartwatches
  • phone chargers
  • earbuds and headphones
  • Solar panels
  • portable speakers
  • Tripods
  • ring lamps
  • phone cases

You see that a mobile phone is becoming more and more powerful and that it is becoming a central point in an ecosystem of accessories. As a result, you see more and more cross-sell accessories that you can connect to a phone via Bluetooth.

Baby and child care, many sold webshop products with recurring turnover

Children obviously have the highest priority in terms of spending within a family. People will also continue to have babies and therefore this will remain a market where there is a constant demand. This is also a very innovative market, in which both existing products continue to innovate but also new developments regularly arise. As a seller, you can respond to this.

These are promising and widely sold baby and child care products:

  • thermometers
  • car seats
  • Strollers
  • nail clippers
  • Diapers
  • buttock wipes
  • baby clothes
  • children’s clothing

In this category you also have numerous products that have to be bought again and again. This allows you to distinguish yourself better as an entrepreneur with good customer service by building a real bond with the customer / parent.

Pets and pet care, personalized webshop products

Pets are also very dear within most families, which is why serious money is spent on them. Within this category, there are therefore also a number of very profitable niches. Especially because in animal care a lot of personalization is possible, where owners are willing to spend more on. You can think of:

  • beds
  • baskets
  • Chunks
  • Cookies
  • food bowls
  • Collars
  • Clothes

Travel accessories

Frequently sold webshop products

The past few years have been tough for the travel industry, but now that Corona has weakened and people are allowed to travel again, the travel accessories category is booming again. The number of passengers is increasing and this market is also innovative. This makes it possible to launch new widely sold webshop products and to distinguish yourself from the competition.

These are the most sold products within this market:

  • backpacks, backpacks, travel bags
  • beach towels, beach towels
  • neck pillows
  • beach accessories
  • also here small electronics for on the go

Every year or even several times a year, people want to go on holiday. Therefore, this remains a very constant and profitable category.

Jewelry and fashion accessories

This is 1 of the most interesting categories to sell online. The reasons for this are:

  • for every budget, from a few euros to thousands of euros
  • small, cheap to ship via letterbox package
  • small, you can have a lot of it without losing a lot of space
  • small, you can store a lot of it without losing a lot of space
  • wide range, you can have something for everyone

The following products are widely sold:

  • design jewelry
  • hair clips
  • nail accessories

People will always order jewelry and fashion accessories to be more fun and confident.

Health and beautyproducts are mega widely sold webshop products

People will always continue to spend money on health and beauty products. Simply to stay healthy, to be fun, to be appreciated and to gain more self-confidence.

This market is mega susceptible to innovation and trends due to emerging platforms like TikTok. Frequently sold products in this market are

  • hair straighteners
  • membership boxes, think of Hellofresh
  • eyeshadow
  • fake eyelashes
  • Supplements

In this category there is also a lot of room to develop products yourself. Think carefully about any health risks. In addition, it is advisable to mention as many characteristics of the product as possible.

Housing industry, widely sold webshop products with great diversity

Home items are always widely sold webshop products. People continue to have a home and quickly get bored about home accessories. As a result, they will always be looking for new articles, other colors, shapes, etc. In addition, they are products that you can keep in stock for a long time without the shelf life or novelty expires.

These are commonly sold home accessories:

  • decorative cushions
  • LED lighting
  • watering cans
  • Jars
  • candles
  • lamps
  • Banks
  • chairs
  • stools
  • dress

The possibilities are endless in the housing industry and you can serve almost the entire target group, from young to old, from low to high budget. As an example, you can take a look at my own webshop


Clothing is the most challenging category to launch a webshop in. First of all, the market is extremely saturated and as a webshop you have to deal with many returns. Clothing products are very sensitive to numerous factors such as taste, color, appearance, sizing, etc. The trick is really to start your own brand in a niche where you can be distinctive. Especially in the sports category there is still a lot to be achieved:

  • sportswear
  • shape clothing
  • sports bras
  • gym clothing

Especially because in Corona people were often dependent on themselves, they started exercising more at home.

Training and movement

Because people started working more at home or even were not allowed to leave the house because of a Corona infection, they started training much more at home and around the house. You saw a huge boost in training accessories, such as:

  • Sneakers
  • massage devices
  • fitness equipment

You also see more and more companies in the business world investing in their own gym. These customers can be very interesting because they purchase larger numbers of products at the same time.

Medical products

During COVID-19, there was of course a very high demand for face masks and latex gloves to come into contact with the virus as little as possible. In addition, there is a high demand for medical clothing from hospitals and practices.

In addition, medical products are also widely used in industries in which people have a lot to do with (fine) dust and other small materials in which hygiene and health play an important role.

Toys and hobby market

The toy and hobby market is one of the most innovative categories. It is a market that has good profit margins and has many returning customers. The trick is to put down a toy line so that you can easily do an upsell or cross-sell.

These are the most sold categories:

  • creative necessities
  • paint
  • brand toys

Creativity remains fortunate, so that is why there will always be a demand for toys and creative materials.

Kitchen accessories and cooking

The home cooking market is particularly sensitive to trends. This market consists of numerous basic products that are always in demand and in addition, new trends are devised every year.

Examples of popular products in this market are:

  • smarthome products
  • bread machine
  • waffle iron
  • electric can opener
  • recipes (online)

Most products for the kitchen do not have an expiration date so you can buy a relatively large amount of this. In addition, most products are also fairly timeless so you don’t have to worry as much about collections.

Protection and security

A clear trend is that people feel increasingly unsafe at home. There is an increasing need for security and protection. From a business point of view, this of course offers opportunities to sell products that offer people more safety and protection.

You can think of:

  • security cameras
  • motion detectors
  • smart home equipment
  • smart doorbells
  • door locks
  • pepper spray

Here too, you can significantly increase the lifetime value of an existing customer by offering a wider range of products that work seamlessly with each other.

Which aspects do many sold webshop products have

By now, you have been able to read numerous ideas of products that are suitable for online sales. There are of course many other products to mention. Every industry has its bestsellers and new trends. But what aspects make these products so suitable?

1. Ask for the product

Of course, everything starts with a demand from the market. You may have a nice idea, but it remains to be seen whether people want it. That is why it is always advisable to ask people around you if they also see a need for your product. This prevents you from investing a lot of time and money in product development and not making a turnover later on.

We’ll tell you a little secret: popular products aren’t necessarily the ones you want to sell.

2. Price of the product

The success of an e-commerce store is partly determined by the price. Not whether it is high or low, but because of the price/quality ratio and the price compared to competitors. You can sell 1 x 1000 or 1000 x 1, in both cases the result is 1000. What you do see is that more and more entrepreneurs are trying to sell 2 x 500 or 3 x 333.

This is because the marketing costs are getting higher and higher and with cheap products the profit margin disappears more and more. With a mid-range price product, you have more room to make a serious budget available for expensive clicks via Google or Facebook.

Ultimately, it’s about the number of euros you have left in profit margin and the volume you can sell.

3. Storage and shipping of your products

Suppose you have a nice product idea and you are almost certain that they will sell well and make money. You will develop the product and start building the webshop. However, a number of operational costs will soon be added.

You first have 100 pieces made and suddenly see 1 to 2 pallets coming in. Where on earth should you put it? Then you suddenly have to send 100 pieces and you need packaging material and shipping labels. The costs suddenly skyrocket.

Is it now possible to fit these costs into the selling price or not without your profit margin having completely evaporated? Make a short calculation for this before you even start developing a product.

4. Create an attractive product

The most popular products are the products that offer the customer something unique and attractive. As a result, you can try to make the product itself and the packaging more attractive by turning it into a real brand with its own look.

5. Competition within the market and on platforms

Before you develop a product, it is also smart to do a competition investigation. You can pay attention to various product properties and the price. And is the product sold a lot at all? Are there products in the same market with many reviews?

How can I find a product that suits me as an entrepreneur?

In the longer term, I think an entrepreneur is most successful if he or she sells a product that fits his or her own identity:

  • is it a product that you would use yourself?
  • does the product solve a practical problem?
  • does the product fit your own interests?
  • do I have a real passion for the product or is it something nice for it?
  • do I have the means to buy and sell the product on a larger scale?

You may think that there are already many products in the market that are similar to yours, but there are still opportunities to make you distinctive as an entrepreneur:

  • make a better version
  • target new audiences
  • focus on other channels. Maybe there are already 10 providers on Bol, but not yet on TikTok.
  • choose another niche
  • focus on edge accessories and not on basic products. This allows you to ride on the success of others.
  • think about branding your business, create your own identity that people can identify with.

There are plenty of factors you can plug into that won’t get you into the same water as your competitors:

  • change the target group of your offer
  • change your tone-of-voice
  • sales on other channels
  • make your offer wider or narrower for more focus
  • create a better customer experience

You now have important information about frequently sold webshop products. If you are interested in implementing this lesson information step-by-step, you can become a member of E-commerce Mastery.